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  • D Day

    Meatloaf with Gravy, Pierogies, Snack Bar, Corn, Applesauce, Fresh Fruit, Juice Cups, 1% White Milk, FF Chocolate Milk, Alt - Salad Bar, Alt - Hot Dog Sandwich

    Delone Catholic High School
  • Lobby

    Freshman Fundraiser Shultz's Pick-up

    Delone Catholic High School
  • Room 17

    SAT Math Preparation Course

    The SAT test includes questions based on material learned in Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II. It would be most beneficial for students to have completed (or nearly completed) at least two of these courses before taking this prep course.
    This six-day course reviews the necessary skills assessed as important to the Math portions of the New SAT. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the New SAT format through sample questions and practice. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend each session and do the homework that is suggested.

    Delone Catholic High School
  • Tennis vs Bermudian Springs High School

    West Hanover ST Courts

  • Varsity Baseball vs Susquehannock High School

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In Other News

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    Music Association Annual Mulch Sale

    The Music Association is holding its annual Mulch Sale on Saturday April 14, and Saturday, April 21 from 9 a.m. until noon. The cost is $5 per per 3 cu ft bag. Curbside service and free local deliveries on 10 bags of mulch or more are available. For more information, click here

    Delone Catholic High School
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    Squire Picnic (Grades 3rd, 4th & 5th)

    Delone Catholic High School Student Council will be hosting their annual Squire Picnic for students in third, fourth and fifth grades. There will be games, hamburgers, hot dogs, and prizes. This is a great opportunity for area grade school students to meet one another and become familiar with the Delone Catholic community. This event is open to any third, fourth or fifth grade student. Students do not have to attend a Catholic School to participate. We encourage your son/daughter to bring their friends. A parent letter and permission form is attached. Extra forms may be found on the Delone Catholic website (www.delonecatholic.org) or picked up in the Main Office. The picnic will be held on J.T Flaherty field on Sunday, April 29, 2018, starting at 1 p.m. and ending at 4 p.m. We hope to see your future Squire at this fun event!

    Delone Catholic High School
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    Spring Open House and 8th Grade Scholarship Competition

    Join us for our annual Spring Open House on Sunday, April 22 from 12-3 p.m. The Spring Open House is an excellent opportunity to meet and speak with some of our students and faculty members, sports coaches and activities directors. We will be holding our Third Annual Scholarship Competition for 8th grade students. There is a choice of a jeopardy-style competition or essay competition. Please register on the Delone Catholic web site (www.delonecatholic.org) or by clicking here if you plan to have your son or daughter participate in the scholarship competition. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Jennifer Hart. We look forward to sharing some of the wonderful aspects of our Delone Catholic school and community with your family.

    Delone Catholic High School
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    Big Bingo Dates for 2018

    The Notre Dame Club of Gettysburg and the Delone Catholic Athletic Association will be hosting Bingo on Feb. 24, Mar. 24 and Apr. 28, 2018 in the Delone Catholic HS Cafeteria. These bingo dates are open to the public. Ticket donation is $15 and includes a roast turkey platter. For complete details, please see the attached flyer or contact Linda Masenheimver at 717-637-0412.

  • Job Opportunities: Head Golf Coach and Head Cheerleading Coach

    Delone Catholic is currently seeking a Head Golf Coach and a Head Cheerleading Coach. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Mr. Tim Bonitz, Athletic Director, Delone Catholic HS, 140 South Oxford Ave., McSherrystown, PA 17344 or e-mail resume and cover letter to tbonitz@delonecatholic.org.

    Delone Catholic High School
  • Mrs. Kate Phenicie is 2018 Golden Apple Award Recipient

    We are so proud to announce that Mrs. Kate Phenicie, Spiritual Life Director and Religion Teacher, is a 2018 Golden Apple Award recipient. To read about her nomination and accomplishments, please click here.

    Delone Catholic High School
  • 2018 Summer Sports Camps

    The sport camp brochures are now available.  

  • SAT tips from Mu Alpha Theta students

    Mu Alpha Theta hosted two study sessions this week.  They opened by sharing their suggestions for preparing for the SATs.  Here is a recap of their suggestions:

    Take it more than once.


    Khan Academy is a good source!

    Practice not only the problems but also within the timeframe.

    Plug in answer choices.

    Don’t rush.

    Know how your calculator works; use a graphing calculator if you have one.

    Go into it with the correct mindset – think positively!

    Do all of the problems.

    Guess if you need to.

    Get a good night sleep. 

    Listen to Mozart.

    Take a snack.

    Good luck to all taking their SATs on Saturday, 3/10!


    Mathematics Department
  • Insquire Literary Magazine Submissions and Open Mic Night

    Attached is submission information for the Insquire literary magazine as well as for the upcoming Open Mic Night. See Mr. Maitland or Mrs. Girroir with any questions.

    English Department
  • Seniors Solving Problems, by Cameron O'Malley

    During my first day here at Delone Catholic, Mrs. Fuhrman decided to have me read over the student responses from their first day of American Government class to better know the students. Each student was asked “what problems do you want to be part of the solution for,” and after going through each response I got such a strong sense of community and partnership. The students showed their compassion to people from every background and each wanted to do their best to help those less fortunate than themselves.

    The overwhelming majority of responses dealt directly with world hunger as well as trying to help children receive the proper education all over the world. They also talked about how they are striving to create a cleaner and healthier environment and to create technology to help solve world problems. Students are also very concerned in creating an equal societal environment for everyone, no matter was race or gender one is. Through each response, the students reflected what it means to be part of a school and religious community by using the gifts God gave them and implementing it for good.

    *Cameron O'Malley is a junior from Mount St. Mary's University  who is interning  with Mrs. Fuhrman this semester

    Social Studies Department
  • Welcoming Ms. Cameron O'Malley

    The Social Studies Department welcomes Ms. Cameron O'Malley, a junior at Mount St. Mary's University who will be interning with Mrs. Fuhrman during the Spring Semester. Ms. O'Malley shared a few words of introduction with us.

    "My name is Cameron O'Malley and I will be a student intern for the rest of the semester in Mrs. Fuhrman’s class. I am a Junior at Mount Saint Mary’s University studying Secondary Education and History. I was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland and I attended St. Mary’s High School. At the Mount I am Vice President of the Education Club and play for the club ice hockey team and serve as the club’s Vice President of Community Relations. I am looking forward to providing support in the classroom assisting students with reaching their fullest potential and accomplishing their goals. When I am not in school, I spend summers on Lake George in the Adirondacks hiking, boating, and relaxing with my extended family. I am an avid dog lover and love to play with my two English Springer Spaniel puppies, Tucker and Maisy. I am excited to be a part of the Delone Catholic community and cannot wait to get to know everyone."

    Social Studies Department
  • Placement Breakdown

    As underclassmen begin/continue to think about their classes for next year, we thought it would be helpful to provide the attached tables which show the placement options based on current and previous classes and grades.  Please keep in mind that having the minimum average required for a course DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the course.  Other considerations, including student work ethic and potential for success, are part of the teacher recommendation requirement.

     Note:  One new requirement is that any student planning to enroll in Algebra II Trigonometry must not only meet the minimum grade requirement, but must also earn a minimum grade on the Algebra II Trigonometry placement test to be given early in April.

    If you have any questions, please see your Math Teacher or stop by to talk with the Mathematics Department Chairperson - Mrs. Sneeringer (Rm. 19). 

    Mathematics Department
  • 2018 Flynn & O'Hara Price List and Ways to Order

    Delone Catholic High School
  • A Project-Based Approach to Teaching American Government

    Solving problems as a community - isn't that the true purpose of government? In the semester long American Government-A course taught to seniors, Mrs. Fuhrman and Mr. Fournie use project-based learning (PBL) units designed by the Buck Institute for Education to teach Delone Catholic students the skills of collective problem-solving: articulating an issue and , reviewing what is known about it, identifying what needs to be known in order to address it, conducting research, brainstorming possible solutions, considering each proposal, making a decision, implementing a solution and evaluating the results. These skills will prepare students to be strong citizens and professionals in an ever changing world.

    In Can We Believe This?, students will learn how to discern the trustworthiness of a media source.

    In A Government for Xlandia, students will learn about the features of democracy in order to help the fictional nation of Xlandia, which has just overthrown their authoritarian dictator, to plan for a more democratic future.

    In A Better Budget, students will learn how to make tough decisions about potential cuts to the federal budget, their impact on the local community and the need for compromise between liberals and conservatives.

    In On the Campaign Trail, students will learn about the ethical dilemmas and modern realities of the U.S. election system.

    In Fighting Chance, students will analyze the strength of a case before the Supreme Court.

    In Not in My Backyard, students will familiarize themselves with policy-making at a local level.

    As students proceed through these projects, they will learn the basics of American Government and active citizenship. In addition to these PBL units, students will participate in the Youth Leadership Initiative's National eCongress, examine the growth of presidential power and the executive branch, and prepare their own plans for solving problems identified in their local community.

    Social Studies Department
  • Squire Shadow Days

    Experience Delone Catholic High School first-hand with a Squire Shadow Day. Spend the day with a Delone Catholic student, where you can experience our classes and meet our teachers. Shadow days are a fun way to get to know the school and our students. From the cafeteria, to the gym to the tech ed class to English and Math, we feel there's a something here that will inspire any prospective student.  Contact Mrs. Jennifer Hart, Director of Marketing and Admissions, to schedule a Squire Shadow Day today!

    Prospective Families
  • Personal School Tours

    There are so many things that are inspiring here at Delone Catholic HS, and we would like to show you them persona. Learn more about Delone Catholic with a personal school tour. This is an excellent opportunity to see our students and teachers in action. School tours are available by appointment during normal school hours. Please contact Mrs. Jennifer Hart, Director of Marketing and Admissions for to schedule yours today!

    Prospective Families
  • Delone Catholic Squire Collector Tins

    Show your Delone Catholic pride with a purchase of a Squire Collector Tin. The tin costs $20 and is available at the Utz Outlet Store on Carlisle Street in Hanover, Pa. You get one FREE fill with select Utz snacks at the time of purchase. For a copy of the flyer, click here.

  • Links on the portfolio

    I understand that students cannot always access all of the links on the portfolio.  The forms attached to these links are attached.  To use them correctly, I think you need to download them first.  Once you are finished, remember to print to a pdf rather than saving, so that the information that you input will not be lost.  If you notice any that I am missing (other than "Log Directions", which I did not include, because the directions are at the top of each log), please let me know and I'll add it.

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Sneeringer

  • Free online resources for SAT/ACT prep


    There are FREE online resources available to our students to better prepare for SATs and ACTs.  CollegeBoard has partnered with Khan Academy to provide preparation videos, instruction, problems, and sample tests for the SATs.  See www.khanacademy.org for access to these materials.  In addition, the free OpenEd "smart library" provides resources for preparing for the ACTs.  See www.opened.com for access to these materials.

    Mathematics Department
  • Opportunity for Students Interested in International Relations

    Registration for the 2018 Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit is now open! They're looking for high school students who are hard-working and eager to learn about politics and the global world. No prior experience in an extracurricular political club or specialized academic subject is necessary.  

    Students should have the capacity to think critically, work well in diverse groups, and be open to developing their own skills in public speaking, cross-cultural communication and negotiation.  A complementary 6-week online course culminating in a short preparation project will be provided upon student acceptance. Additional recommended courses, preliminary readings, and activities are provided as well.  

    Delegates will be selected through a two-step process: 1) Online Application 2) Phone Interview .

    The application form includes short essay questions which will assist in our student selection process. Click here for the online application.

    For more information log into the Model G20 website.

    Social Studies Department
  • Teaching U.S. History Thematically by Mrs. Fuhrman

    Several years ago, I attended a session at the annual National Council for the Social Studies conference in Washington, D.C. in which a history department from a high school near Chicago discussed how they transitioned from a traditional chronological approach to the study of U.S. history to a thematic approach. Each theme connected history to a hot topic in current events.

    Immediately intrigued, I thought, this could be the solution to a motivation problem I was having with my students, who constantly asked, "Why do we need to know this stuff?" The session presenters even shared their curriculum and resources with those of us in attendance and they even used the same textbook I did, Holt-McDougall's The Americans. Surely this was a sign that I should change my approach to teaching American history.

    After the session, I found myself in the ladies' room, where I overhead some teachers lamenting that the thematic approach sounded good, but would probably not help their students to pass the state testing at the end of the year. "It's another sign," I thought. As a teacher at a private Catholic high school, I had some academic freedom to write my own curriculum and choose my own textbooks; my students were not required to take state assessments at the end of the year. The teachers I overheard may not be able to adopt a thematic approach, but I could!

    The following school year, I partnered with a new teacher in our school, Mr. Matthew Loban, and together we planned a thematic approach to teaching American History, borrowing heavily from the resources shared in that first NCSS session I attended. Since then, we have made some adaptations for our school - for instance, we will teach some Catholic social teaching related to the themes that we teach - and for changes in current events. Our students have responded well to the thematic approach and now find the study of history to be more relevant to their every day lives.

    The thematic approach boasts some distinct advantages over the traditional, chronological approach to the study of American history. In addition to making it easier to relate the events of the past to the issues our society still reckons with today, teaching thematically allows us to examine periods in history that we often failed to cover in a survey course. When we used the chronological approach, we never seemed to have time to get passed World War II at the latest. Humans never stop making history and so the course content was ever increasing, while the instructional time allocated to American history in the school day remained stagnant. Didn't our students need to know about contemporary history? Of course they did, but there never seemed to be enough days in the school year to cover contemporary history. 

    Teaching thematically also allowed us to concentrate more on teaching historical thinking skills, including researching and analyzing primary and secondary sources. Throughout their lives, new issues will arise, motivating our students to explore the historical patterns and factors that have brought society to a particular place and time. Our students will need historical reading and thinking skills to tackle these issues as they arrive in order form educated opinions and policy options. 


    The thematic approach also presents some challenges that the chronological approach does not. Because we study just one theme in each unit and how it has evolved over time, our students are not exposed to some of the cause-and-effect relationships between events and patterns in history that are evident when these events are studied in chronological order. One way that I try to overcome this challenge with my classes is a year-long timeline project. As we complete each thematic units, students add the most significant events to an interactive timeline they design themselves using Tiki-Toki.com, As we revisit the same time periods during other theme units, students can begin to see the relationships between events throughout history. 

    Another challenge of the thematic approach is that because the themes are covered in such depth, the breadth of historical topics is limited. There are many historical events that are not covered at all. But is this really any different than the chronological approach, in which whole periods of history are never reached? With the thematic approach, at least students are motivated to learn how history has impacted the issues they contend with in modern times and practice the skills needed to expand their study of history throughout their lives in the wake of new issues and problems.  

    After several years, I can say adopting a thematic approach in my American history classroom has motivated my students and prepared them for responsible citizenship in ways I never imagined. In our classes, we have explored a number of themes related to current issues by asking our students to consider the following essential questions:

    • Should America welcome all who wish to come?
    • When is it acceptable to rebel against your government?
    • Should we ever attempt to restrain technology?
    • Should the government help those who cannot help themselves?
    • Should accommodations be made for groups that have been oppressed in the past?
    • When is it morally acceptable to use force against another nation?
    • What makes an event historically significant, rather than simply newsworthy?


    Social Studies Department
  • All are Invited to Join the Music Association

    The Music Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Library. All interested parties are welcome to join the Music Association in providing for support for our student-musicians. All music parents are automatically members.

  • 2017-18 DCHS Music Dates

    Attached is a list of all known DCHS music dates for 2017-18.

  • Portfolio Template

    If you would like to view the portfolio template, please click here:  https://sites.google.com/a/delonecatholic.org/sample/




Delone Catholic High School exists to educate and challenge students spiritually, academically, physically, socially and aesthetically within the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

This challenge will inspire students to experience Jesus Christ personally and to “Be Doers of the Word.”