Attendance at Delone Catholic

Every student should strive for perfect attendance. Only by being in school every school day can a student gain the maximum from his/her school years. Since daily recitation and explanation of matter by the teacher are essential in our educational system, an absence of even one day may, understandably, result in lowered grades. A student who participates in a school-sponsored activity on a school day will not be marked absent.


Student Withdrawal

The Public School Code of the State of Pennsylvania requires that every child of compulsory school age having a legal residence in this Commonwealth attend a school in which the subjects and activities prescribed by the standards of the State Board of Education are taught in the English language. Delone Catholic High School meets these standards. Legal school age in Pennsylvania is 17. To discontinue school before then, a person must have permission from the public school authorities in the school district where he/she resides. If a student or his/her parent indicates a desire for that student to leave DCHS, either as a matter of transfer or termination, the student shall report to the Director of Guidance. A counseling session with one of the school counselors will clarify the reasons for withdrawal as well as explore alternatives available to the student and parents. The student will then be referred directly to the principal. Whenever a student wishes to terminate his/her formal education at Delone before age 17, DCHS will notify the appropriate public school authorities.