Alumni Association at Delone Catholic

The Delone Catholic Alumni Association continues to search for ways to get alumni together and involved in their alma mater throughout the year. They are also looking for ideas from alumni of all ages concerning activities that would interest them. All alumni are invited to attend each meeting of the Alumni Association to find out what is happening and to help plan future events.

Association News

  • Class Representatives Needed

    The Alumni Association is still looking for class representatives for a number of classes. Each class representative is asked to attend as many of the Association's general meetings as possible - there are usually five per year - and keep their classmates informed of upcoming events. Even if your class already has a representative, please join us! We are always looking for new ideas, and there is no limit to the numbers of representatives each class can have. If you are interested in serving as a class representative, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 717-637-5969, Ext. 201 or 211, or come  to one the upcoming general meetings.

    Alumni Association

Association Events

  • Cedar Ridge Golf Course

    Henny Noel Memorial Golf Tournament

    Office of Advancement
  • Mason Dixon Lineman's Clinic

    Office of Advancement
  • Quail Valley Golf Course

    Lacrosse Golf Outing

    Office of Advancement
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Contact Information

For more information about the Alumni Association, contact the Office of Advancement at 717-637-5969, Ext. 211.