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The main focus of the Science Club will be to allow students to prepare for and participate in local competitions.  In the past, students have participated in the Annual Millersville University Science Lectureship and Competition, York County Science and Engineering Fair (YCSEF), and Science Olympiad.  The Science Club is also open to other competitions if students are interested and funds are available.  No prior competition experience is required and students of all skill levels are welcome. Guest speakers may also be scheduled throughout the year.

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  • Members Wanted!!!

    Science Club meets during scheduled Activities Period on Wednesdays. The club is lead by students members under the direction of Mrs. Marrocco, the moderator.  Competition is the club's main focus so most activity periods are spent preparing for upcoming events which include, but are not limited to, Science Olympiad, YCSEF, and local robotics challenges.  Guest speakers, when available, are made part of the experience .

    There is a club polo, designed by Delone Catholic art students, that can be worn on Fridays in place of the traditional uniform shirt.  

    Students will be given the opportunity to choose one activity.  Why not try Science Club!

    Science Club
  • Science Olympiad 2018 Results

    There were 31 teams competing in the Regional Science Olympiad Division C at Millersville University on March 24, 2018.  The following are Delone Catholic's standings in the categories in which the school particpated.

    Herpetology: 2nd place

    Ecology:  5th place

    Dynamic Planet  and Astronomy : 7th place

    Anatomy: 8th place

    Chemistry Lab and Write It, Do It: 10th place

    Microbe Mission: 12th place

    Forensics, Mousetrap Vehicle, and Rocks & Minerals: 17th place

    Game On: 19th place

    Optics: 22nd place

    Science Club
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    Science Club

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