Students Using Ethics at Delone Catholic

The Students Using Ethics (SUE) Committee is open to students in grades 9-12.  The goal of the SUE Committee is to encourage and promote ethical behavior throughout Delone Catholic High School.  Students on the SUE Committee are involved in activities such as Prom Promise, drug and alcohol education, anti-bullying education and spearhead many anti-cheating initiatives.  The SUE Committee also provides SUE Reports to every classroom, which students may fill out when non-ethical behavior (for example, cheating on tests/quizzes, bullying in the halls, etc.) occurs.  These reports are given to the moderator of the committee who is then able to direct them to the necessary parties.  SUE is for students who want to make Delone Catholic a better place.  We always welcome new members and look forward to the ideas and programs our students develop.

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