About Helen B. Brady Rebert

Induction Class of 2019

Helen B. Brady Rebert served in a pivotal role at Delone Catholic High School, feeding growing students in a growing student body. For 21 years from the 1950s to the 1970s, she was the head dietitian in the school cafeteria. During her tenure, the school grew to an enrollment of more than 1,100, whom she was charged with feeding each day. She and her staff made meals that, by all accounts, rivaled any home-cooked meal.

The mother of three sons who all attended Delone Catholic, Mrs. Brady Rebert is also the grandmother and great-grandmother of several Delone Catholic alumni. She made sure her students were taken care of each day - even when they forgot their lunch money - and made everyone feel special to her as she served her meals with a wink and said, "Just for you." Many students have such fond memories of these interactions with Mrs. Brady Rebert, that even 60 years after some of them graduated, they still recall and retell these stories, which are often followed by her sons and grandchildren being asked if they can share one of her favorite recipes.