About the Sisters of Christian Charity

Founded on 8/21/1849
Inaugural Induction Class

The Sisters of Christian Charity, Mendham, N.J., are one of three inductees who were discussed as a group because their collective contributions to Delone Catholic are so closely linked. As in communities all across the United States, religious sisters gave their lives in service to many different institutions, notably Catholic schools.

These women comprised the entire faculty for most of the first two decades of Delone Catholic’s existence and continued to serve here for decades beyond. Their dedication to instilling the Catholic faith in their students while teaching them the skills they needed to succeed in life still serves as an example for our faculty and staff.

We wish to acknowledge all of the sisters from all orders that have served at Delone Catholic over the years.

But in a special way, we celebrate three orders of sisters, including the Sisters of Christian Charity, with induction into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor, recognizing their enduring legacy and example of service and excellence. We induct the orders collectively in recognition that it took the prayers and efforts of every sister in each community, whether they were assigned here or not, to provide the academic and spiritual foundation of Delone Catholic.