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The Science Department believes that regardless of the choice – college, military, technical school, or the workplace – our students are prepared for the future. Each science course is centered around a challenging curriculum that not only meets, but exceeds Pennsylvania State and National Standards. All courses cover two semesters with material presented in a sequential manner that allows concept building.  The development of the students' critical thinking skills is at the core of the curriculum. All elective, level two (II) courses use college level texts.  Place-based education is accomplished by using guest speakers and field trips to enhance the curriculum and prepare students to be active participants in their local and global communities. Labs and demonstrations are geared toward hands-on learning. The use of modern technology is exemplified by the Interactive Epson Projectors in each classroom that are used for instruction and student presentations and application of lessons using Chromebooks to the classes for which they have been issued.

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  • STEM Opportunities at Delone Catholic

    Every Delone Catholic student has many opportunities to explore and solve problems in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Courses offered include Engineering and Drafting, Basic Programming, Web Design, Algebra to Calculus, and a full spectrum of Science classes, all of which include hands on laboratory work. All 9th graders will complete a research paper and an independent research project as part of their Biology class.  Students who want to further explore or compete can choose from the following activities.

    Environmental Club - a student-generated club that is new for 2018-19
    Science Club - including teams that compete at Science Olympiad and the Robotics competition.
    YCSEF - Science Fair Note: the required 9th grade project can be used for Science Fair competition. Projects may be started now for competition next March. Dates and forms are attached.

    We want to encourage all students to participate in activities that help them pursue their interests and develop problem solving skills.  Please contact the following teachers with questions.

    Mrs. Gadow - Environmental club or YCSEF
    Mrs. Marrocco - Science club

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