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The Mathematics Department at Delone Catholic is comprised of highly qualified teachers. Their education goes beyond the basic secondary mathematics degree. Every member of the Mathematics Department has earned or is working towards a Masters or Masters Equivalency degree in the fields of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Learning Technology, or Mathematics. The mathematics department is proud that three members are alumni of Delone Catholic.  The Mathematics curriculum offers a variety of courses and levels. We have Fundamental, Academic, Honors and Advanced Placement level courses designed to meet the needs of all learners. Along with the core courses of Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry, we also offer a variety of electives. We currently have courses of Algebra III, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics Honors, Advanced Placement Statistics, Calculus Honors, and Advanced Placement Calculus.

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    Mu Alpha Theta Candy Jar Guessing Contest

    Thank you to the Mu Alpha Theta members who provided the jars and the candy and to those who took the candy jars for display at lunch.

    The winners were:

    Kit Kats (31) - Maggie Wells

    Air Heads (28) - Mrs. Tompkins

    Jolly Ranchers (27) - Danielle Malesky

    Twix (16) - Evan Brady and Gabe Hall

    Tootsie Rolls (243) - Abbey Welsh


    Mathematics Department
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    Algebra II Trig Placement Test


    8th Grade Students Taking Algebra: Any incoming freshman student who is currently taking an 8th grade Algebra class with an average of 87 percent or higher is invited to take the Algebra II Trigonometry placement test. If the student passes the test with at least a 75 percent, he/she will be eligible to take Algebra II Trigonometry as a freshman when enrolling at Delone Catholic High School. The Algebra II Trigonometry placement test will be given on Saturday, March 30 from 9-10:30 a.m. (snow make-up date is Saturday, April 6) at Delone Catholic High School. Students should report to the main entrance on S. Oxford Avenue between 8:45 and 8:55 a.m.  Students will be given 1 ¼ hour to complete the test and should be picked up by 10:30 a.m. 

    Any student who meets these qualifications and would like to reserve a place for testing, please complete the Registration Form on or before Friday, March 15 by clicking here. 
    Any questions should be sent to Candy Sneeringer, Delone Catholic High School Mathematics Department Chairperson, at .  
    Mathematics Department
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    Challenge of the Week - Quarter 2

    This week's challenge:  1/6 - 1/12:   Ratios, rates, and proportions

     Reminder of how to participate:

    For the second quarter,  the Challenge of the Week will involve doing problems on Khan Academy to practice for the SAT.

    In order to participate, you will need to join the Khan Academy class called "Math Challenge" - class code is:  2VAMDW2W.  Upon joining the class, you'll need to allow your SAT achievement to be shared with me.  When you are ready to do practice problems, click on Courses (near the upper left hand corner), then select SAT under Test Prep (usually in the left most column).  Click on Practice, select Math, go down the page to the Heading "Problem Solving and Data Analysis".  

    Each week, you will be given one entry for the ice cream ticket drawing for each question that you answer correctly for the week's topic.

    Topics will be:

    10/28 - 11/3:  Ratios, rates, and proportions

    11/4 - 11/10:  Percents

    12/30 - 1/5:  Linear and exponential growth

    1/6 - 1/12:   Ratios, rates, and proportions

    1/13 - 1/19:  Percents


    If you have any questions, please stop by Room 19 to discuss them with Mrs. Sneeringer.  

    Mathematics Department
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    Grades needed for next math course

    The Math Department is excited to announce that, beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, students will progress from Algebra I to Algebra II, then to Geometry.  We anticipate that this change will allow them to build a stronger foundation in Algebra and will also better prepare them for SATs and ACTs.
    Below you will find links to tables indicating placement options based on current grades.  If you have any questions, please contact your teacher (or your student's teacher).
    NOTE:  For those taking Algebra II this year who already took Geometry, when you look at the tables, look for Algebra II and its prerequisite grades under the previous course and Geometry and its prerequisite grades as the current course.
    Click on the math class that you are currently taking:
    OR Click on your current year in high school:  (Remember:  For those taking Algebra II this year who already took Geometry, when you look at the tables, look for Algebra II and its prerequisite grades under the previous course and Geometry and its prerequisite grades as the current course.)
    If you have any questions, please ask your math teacher or stop by Room 19 and talk with Mrs. Sneeringer.


    Mathematics Department
  • Free online resources for SAT/ACT prep


    There are FREE online resources available to our students to better prepare for SATs and ACTs.  CollegeBoard has partnered with Khan Academy to provide preparation videos, instruction, problems, and sample tests for the SATs.  See for access to these materials.  In addition, the free OpenEd "smart library" provides resources for preparing for the ACTs.  See for access to these materials.

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