DCBN Club at Delone Catholic

Members will learn many of the exciting roles that occur both in front of the camera and behind the scenes at a DCBN (Delone Catholic Broadcasting Network) internet airing of school events (mostly home sporting events).

Members will do everything from making graphics overlays (the writing and images that appear on-screen over the video footage) to practicing live interviewing techniques with actual coaches from here at Delone Catholic.

Members will meet during activity period, but there are after school opportunities to both prepare and to actually be a part of the broadcast. Please sign up and enjoy making a real internet video production.

Club News

  • Link to Maxpreps feed for DCHS

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    DCBN Club
  • Scheduling for Basketball Season- Please sign up!


    With football season at an end and volleyball reaching its finale on Nov. 18, it is time to gear up for the winter sports season. 

    We will be airing wrestling matches and both boys' and girls' basketball games throughout the winter season.

    The dates for broadcast events are posted in this page's calendar.

    We will learn the many roles involved in presenting a live online broadcast in activities period and "on the fly" during actual events.

    Please reply to this post with a list of dates that you would be able to help with setting up, tearing down, and on-air production.

    DCBN Club

Club Events

  • Graduation Broadcast

    DCBN Club
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