Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Passed by the Board of Directors on Jan. 19, 2017


Technology is a valuable tool for education at Delone Catholic High School. The school encourages the use of computer-related technology, including the internet. With right of access comes the responsibility to use it correctly and wisely. When accessing sites and material on the internet, everyone is expected to exercise wise judgment, common sense, and good taste in accordance with the Diocesan Code of Christian Conduct. It is the responsibility of each user to monitor his/her own use of technology resources.


  • To evaluate and synthesize information from and to a variety of sources
  • To enable students to work effectively with technology
  • To enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills


  • Students should discuss appropriate use of technology with their parents. School personnel are available to provide information and resources to parents regarding these discussions.
  • Students should not provide strangers personal information, including photos.
  • Students should avoid chat rooms and should not connect with strangers on the internet.
  • Students who feel that someone says something or sends something that feels uncomfortable should notify their parents and a school staff member. If possible, documentation should be brought to a school administrator.
  • Students should not open emails, files or web pages from someone they do not know and should not click on links.
  • Students should protect their ID and password and not share it with others.
  • In posting material on any social media, including DCHS-sponsored sites, students agree not to:
    • Post material that is threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile towards any individual or entity.
    • Post material that infringes on the rights of DCHS or any individual or entity.
    • Post material that violates the privacy of individuals and/or their intellectual property.
    • Allow any other individual or entity to use participant identification for posting or viewing comments.
    • Post comments under multiple names, alias, or false identity.

General Guidelines for Technology Use

  • The use of technology is an extension of education at the school. Speech/material that is considered inappropriate in a Catholic classroom is an unacceptable use of technology.
  • Anything created using technology often leaves a permanent record that is never entirely erased. Students should not post anything that reflects negatively on themselves, others, or their school.
  • Students should not use other people’s intellectual property without their permission or without proper citations. It is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste other’s thoughts.
  • Students are not permitted to intentionally link to websites that would be deemed inappropriate in a Catholic school setting.
  • Students will not make any attempts to disrupt technology or destroy data.
  • Any attempt to go around system security, (hacking or any unauthorized activity,) guessing passwords, or in any attempt to gain access to secured resources is forbidden.
  • Use of any means to circumvent filtering software is strictly prohibited.
  • Students may not connect personal devices to the Delone Catholic network.

Individually Issued Technology

  • Issued technology should be brought to school each day, fully charged, in anticipation of use throughout the day. It should not be left unattended and should be protected against harmful temperature/weather conditions. Similarly, the original system files or applications needed for operation should not be modified.
  • The student is responsible for the general security and upkeep of the device. It is to remain in the protective case (provided by the school) at all times.
  • Students are prohibited from removing any stickers, labels or other identification information from the device. Nor is it permissible to add any stickers or labels to the device. These acts will be considered tampering with the device and the student will be subject to discipline. 
  • Devices are the property of the school and are subject to inspection by a school administrator at any time.
  • School-issued devices are monitored by a third-party security and content filter.
  • If a device is stolen, lost or damaged, the Chromebook Damage Report must be completed for a replacement device. If stolen from the home, parents should complete an insurance claim and police report.  The device should not be repaired, replaced or modified without school authorization.
  • All losses not covered by insurance will be billed to parents at the current replacement fee.
  • The technology device is considered the property of the student (US citizens) after graduation and may be retained by the student if there is no outstanding balance on the student’s school account. If a student (US citizens) leaves before graduation, it must be returned or purchased at its original cost less any equity.
  • Because of Federal restrictions on exporting technology, international students are required to return the device at the end of each school year, prior to any trips made outside the United States, or at the time they become no longer affiliated with the school. Use of the device outside the United States is grounds for dismissal from the school.
  • Devices should be used as directed by teachers during instructional time.
  • Students are not permitted to play games other than those assigned by a teacher for educational purposes.
  • Inappropriate use of issued devices may result in disciplinary consequences.

Posting of Information on the Internet

The internet is a public forum with unrestricted access.  For this reason, the schools in the Diocese restrict permission for the posting of information related to the school, the staff and the students on the internet. No person is permitted to use the school name or images of the school, the school logo or seal, school staff or students in any form on the internet or in any form of electronic communication without specific written permission from the school administration. The posting of any such information on any website, social networking site, bulletin board, chat room, email or other messaging system without permission or posting or transmission of images or information in any format related to the school, staff or students that are defamatory, scurrilous, pornographic, or which could be construed as threatening or impugning the character of another person is prohibited and will make any person involved in the posting or transmission of such subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the school administration or by the diocese.

Legal Issues

Laws governing computer use currently exist in Pennsylvania and Federal law which may deem certain actions as criminal offenses. Any actions or materials that come to the attention of Delone Catholic personnel that may be reportable will be forwarded to either Pennsylvania or Federal law enforcement officials.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone/Apple Watches/Wearables Policy
Cell phones, Apple watches and other wearables serve as a distraction to the educational process. Only school sanctioned devices should be used during school hours. All non- sanctioned electronic devices must be powered off and kept in student’s locker between 7:55 am and 2:45 pm. If a student is found having on their person, using any of these devices during school hours or the device is in their locker but not powered OFF, it will be taken to the Vice Principal’s office.

Violation of this policy will be addressed as follows:

  1. The first offense student receives one hour of detention.
  2. The second offense student receives two hours of detention.
  3. The third offense student receives three hours of detention.
  4. After the third offense, student receives Flagrant Insubordination (#32).

If students have an emergency during the school day, they may use the phone in the Main Office. If a parent must contact a student during the school day due to an emergency, please call the Main Office and the student will be summoned to the office.

The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items to include cell phones or any other technology devices.