Squire Interns Train Offsite, On the Job

At the halfway point in the school year, Internship Coordinator Julia Fuhrman checked in with Delone Catholic’s student interns to see what they are learning at their internships. Since August, these students have been practicing new skills at off-site internships in fields ranging from education to agriculture to automotive service. Read on to learn more about some of this year’s student interns.
From a young age, Morgan Hartlaub ‘23 has felt the calling to become an educator. She has already made plans to major in Special Education and Elementary Education at Shippensburg University. In her junior year, Morgan participated in the Instructional Leadership program at Delone Catholic as a teaching assistant with the math and English departments. Senior year presented the opportunity for Morgan to intern with kindergarten teacher Jill Seymore at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School in McSherrystown, her alma mater. 
Morgan believes her coursework at Delone Catholic has prepared her to make the best of this experience. 
“Every day I have my internship, I am always very excited to step into the classroom and see the students’ excitement and eagerness to learn with me. Mrs. Seymore has given me my own teaching time, where I start with calming the students down after recess and reading them a story. In my Child Growth and Development class Delone Catholic, I learned how to properly read a story in a way that helps them to stay engaged and understand the storyline.”
Juliana Primrose ‘23 also chose elementary education for her year-long internship. Returning to her alma mater, St. John’s Catholic School in Westminster, Md., she spends every other morning in the second-grade classroom of Ms. Barbara Ott. Throughout the first half of the internship, Juliana has been able to take on increasing responsibilities.
“As more time passes of me being with the kids, I am given opportunities to do more in the classroom. For example, in the beginning of my internship, I was given the task of stamping the students’ spelling homework every morning, and then I would walk around to see if the kids had any questions. Now that I have been there longer, I give spelling tests on Fridays and lead the math meetings, and I still check homework and answer questions. Being given more tasks to do feels very rewarding and teaches me more.” 

Makayla Rollins ‘23 first became interested in automotive service when she started driving a 2004 Ford Mustang. She wanted to learn how to maintain the car on her own and taught herself a few skills by watching YouTube videos and reading articles online. The exercise prompted her to consider a career in the automotive industry. When it came time to make her senior year class schedule, the opportunity to intern seemed like a good way to determine if this career path could be her vocation. Mid-way through her full-year internship with Hanover Toyota, under the supervision of Service Manager Rick Breighner, she has solidified her plan to continue on this career path. 
“Without this internship, I would still not be sure if this career path is right for me. Seeing the work environment and the type of work done allowed me to ensure this is the career I want to pursue.” 
In addition to the mechanical skills she has been able to practice, Makayla learned about professionalism and workplace culture. 
“In the course of this semester, I've noticed the good work environment for the technicians, which allows everyone to be productive, safe, and organized. I have learned that in order to be professional, you have to be reliable and ethical, and your main goal should be ensuring the happiness and safety of the customer.”  
For Parker Horak '23, interning at Pleasant Hill Farms, has given him insight into operations of his family's farm and landscaping business that he has not been privy to in the past. In addition to learning new construction, mechanical, and livestock management skills, Parker has applied the lessons he learned in math class at Delone Catholic to practical tasks.
"I knew what to expect from the job, but it was surprising how much math is involved with landscaping and farming. In landscaping, there is a ton of measuring involved to ensure that everything fits and is aesthetically pleasing. You need to measure everything basically, even the width of plants and how deep the holes are. In farming, you have to do the math to find the correct ratio for the fertilizer, pesticide, and feed. You also have to calculate profits from selling crops and cattle." 
These Squire interns have been blessed by the willingness of their internship sponsors to invite them into their place of business. They have patiently and graciously helped these students to discern their vocations, for which Delone Catholic is very grateful. As the school seeks to grow the internship program, businesses are invited to add to the catalog of opportunities for our students. To learn more about how businesses can partner with Delone Catholic for workforce development and more, please visit: www.delonecatholic.org/apps/pages/business-support