DCHS Students Learn Hands-On Skills at ACTI

At Delone Catholic High School, students are encouraged to nurture any vocation to which they are called. Delone Catholic has partnered with the Adams County Technical Institute (ACTI) to provide vocational training to our students interested in hands-on experience in their field of interest. The courses at ACTI prepare students to go directly into the workforce or get a head start on post-secondary education. Students spend half their day in class at Delone Catholic and the other half at ACTI. This year, Delone Catholic has six students taking part in computer networking, EMT training, criminal justice, and early childhood education. Delone Catholic students agree that this program has improved their confidence and skills inside and outside of the classroom. Ms. Stephanie Leader, Director of Advancement Services, sat down with these students to discuss what they have been learning and how these programs are preparing each of them for life.  

Joshua Rockey ‘23 - Criminal Justice

For the second year in a row, Josh Rockey spends part of his day at ACTI in the Criminal Justice program. In this program, Rockey learns hands-on skills that are necessary for working as a police officer. Some of the training that he has received includes handcuffing, safety procedures, administering medical attention, and more. According to ACTI, this course provides students with a complete examination of the criminal justice system as well as an overview of laws and processes needed in the field. While Rockey learns hands-on skills, he also has benefitted from professional and personal development.
“I have learned different ways police officers view things, different pieces of training, and different aspects that go into being a police officer...The biggest strength I gained is public speaking; before I started, I didn’t like to speak in front of crowds. Progressing in this class has helped me learn that skill.”

Rockey looks forward to potentially shadowing a police officer on a ride-along someday and is currently interviewing for a position at a security company. 

Joy Stonesifer ‘23 - Early Childhood Education

Joy Stonesifer participates in the Early Learning Program at ACTI. In this program, she works directly with elementary students and teachers. Like other students in the program, Stonesifer’s confidence in her speaking skills has grown thanks to her experience. In addition, she takes advantage of the internships that are offered. Some areas of study Stonesifer takes part in are health and safety, child guidance strategies and techniques, special needs, and child abuse awareness. 
At the end of the week, Stonesifer and her classmates reconvene and discuss what they learned that week, what went well, and what can be improved.
"I learned about childhood development, what goes into setting up a classroom, and how to make it fun and engaging. My confidence has increased a lot, and my public speaking."
Students who complete this program go on to find careers in many areas in the field of early learning, such as preschool teachers, daycare managers, special education teachers, and more.  

Karah Cartwright ‘23 and Sabrina Harriett ‘23 - Emergency Medical Technicians

Karah Cartwright ‘23 and Sabrina Harriett ‘23 are both students in the EMT program at Fairfield High School. Both girls aspire to work in different areas of the medical field. These classes prepare students to learn about the human body and how to respond to emergency medical situations. Some skills they have learned include how to use a rescue chair to lift people and how to administer blood tests. The girls were also able to become CPR certified, take blood pressure readings, learn how to use an AED, learn how to greet and speak to patients, and give the best care in trauma situations.  
“I have grown socially, talking to new people and knowing how to interact with them is important in the medical field. Knowing how to do CPR and basic skills gives you a step up through the program....This course focuses on the application of facts and made me realize that I want to be the person taking action.” ~ Karah Cartwright
Cartwright hopes to one day go on to work in radiation oncology. Harriett hopes to go on to be an ER nurse working in a trauma unit.  
“I always knew I wanted to go into the healthcare field, but there are so many different things you can do in healthcare. Going to the EMT classes really helps you understand that this is what you want to do.” ~ Sabrina Harriett.
Both students also enjoy the hands-on scenarios that take place, for example, a simulated car accident teaching trauma response technique.

George “Rookie” Chroniger III ’23 and Dante Tapia Pujals ‘24 - Computer Networking

George “Rookie” Chroniger III ‘23 and Dante Tapia Pujals’24 are students in ACTI’s Computer Networking program. This program teaches students all aspects of computer networking and sets them up with very marketable skills when it comes time to look for employment or further education. According to ACTI, this two-year program uses CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications as a guide, and once passing these exams students are certified to enter the computer networking field as a level I support technician. This certification demonstrates proficiency in computer networking so that students can qualify for a greater number of employment opportunities.
“I learn computer networking, everything to do with computers, how to build them, how to run infrastructure, and how to run an operating system,” said Tapia Pujals.
This is his first year in the program as a junior at Delone Catholic. He says he already has strengthened many skills he will need to go into computer networking.
“I really like everything because it is very hands-on, when you are doing a task you have to figure it out. I have learned how to go from zero to 100 on just about everything.”
Tapia Pujals says that he already has plans for what he would like to do with his certification, whether it be moving on to college or looking for employment after graduation. 

Chroniger is in his second year of the program and a senior at Delone Catholic. “I have known since my freshman year of high school that I want to do computer science, which deals with all aspects of computers. This class has really put my foot in the door of the tech world.” Chroniger’s favorite part of the class was when he did a personal side project which involved bringing his grandmother’s computer to class and fixing a problem that it had. 
“If you are looking at doing anything with computers in the future, take this class. It will help you get to your goal quicker and give you a new outlook on your and others’ lives.” ~ Rookie Chroniger
Opportunities for vocational training are made possible for our Squires by the courses at ACTI, in addition to the generous support of businesses in our community that provide internships, speakers, and workforce development to our students in and out of the classroom. To learn more about how your business can become involved with Delone Catholic, visit our Business Support page.