Scripture Reflection for the Seventh Sunday in Easter

This Sunday is the Seventh Sunday of Easter. The readings are from Acts 1:12-14; Psalm 27:1, 4, 7-8; 1 Peter 4:13-16; and John 17:1-11.

The Church teaches that the Scriptures contain all we need for salvation; so, if there are details not included in Scripture, it is because they are not necessary for our salvation. But, man oh man, there are some things I would love to know – for example, what happened in the room when the Apostles gathered after the Ascension (told in the first reading). What was the feeling? I can only imagine there was some uncertainty, some encouragement, some mourning.

After the Ascension, Jesus stopped appearing physically on Earth. But although the Apostles could not see Him anymore, He had not left them alone. Eventually, the Holy Spirit would descend at Pentecost and fill the Church. In the meantime, the Apostles could experience Him in their community, in one another. The Gospel reading is part of John’s account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying to the Father. He says, “I will no longer be in the world, but they are in the world” (Jn 17:11). This is the beauty of the Church: that it is a community, and Christ is present amongst us.

On Tuesday night, I think our Delone Catholic community experienced this sense of community during and after the Baccalaureate liturgy. We were blessed with the presence of over ten priests from the area to celebrate with our graduating seniors, and the church was filled with families joining in worship. Afterward, I was observing everyone celebrate with ice cream and pretzels in the parking lot, and a feeling of joy and love was palpable. It was such a lovely reminder that, while not physically, Christ is undoubtedly still present among us in one another.