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The Delone Catholic High School Library exists to provide materials and services which support, supplement and enhance the quality of the educational environment of the school. These resources aid in the spiritual, intellectual, social, and personal development of the students and the professional enrichment of the faculty and staff. 


As a vital component in the educational environment in a Catholic high school, we are committed to the spirit of the philosophy of Delone Catholic High School. To that end we:
  • Provide resources that integrate the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with the challenges of contemporary society
  • Provide a functional and effective library program that meets the needs of the curriculum as well as the personal needs and interests of students and faculty
  • Provide library resources that stimulate and promote the development of critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and responsible citizenship
  • Provide informed guidance in the use of library resources, including print and nonprint materials and technology
  • Provide resources, which contribute to the enjoyment of reading and the belief in a lifelong love of learning