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The mutually beneficial partnership between Delone Catholic High School and the business community is in concert with Delone Catholic's purpose of preparing students to become leaders in whichever vocation they are called to serve. Businesses can support Delone Catholic students with opportunities for career exploration and workforce development, as well as financial support for the academic and extracurricular programs offered by the school. 
Learn more about how your business can support the mission of Delone Catholic High School. 
The Squires’ Guild, established in 2023, is an association of businesses that provide financial and professional support for the academic and extracurricular programs of Delone Catholic High School and its students in the pursuit of excellence.
To learn more about how you can partner with Delone Catholic High School for the mutual benefit of your business and our students, contact Mr. Eric Lawrence '98 at 717-637-5969, Ext. 201 or email [email protected]
Volunteer as a guest speaker for Career Day and classroom visits to help students evaluate their personal career interests and contemplate future endeavors.
Provide onsite opportunities for students to earn academic credit as they explore career options and experience firsthand the climate, pace, and expectations of the workplace under the guidance of a mentor.
You have to pay these taxes regardless, so why not have a say in how your taxes are allocated? The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program for corporations and the Special Purpose Entity program for individuals and businesses puts the power in the hands of the taxpayer to direct money to support Catholic education, specifically tuition assistance for Delone Catholic families.