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Departments and Courses

The Religion Department at Delone Catholic is committed to handing on the Catholic Faith in a manner that is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, rigorous in content, and understandable for today’s High School youth.
In the Foreword of the Youth Catechism, Pope Benedict XVI wrote to the young people of our time:
You need to know what you believe.  You need to know your faith with that same precision with which an IT specialist knows the inner workings of a computer.  You need to understand it like a good musician knows the piece he is playing.
The Catechists at Delone Catholic strive to make that depth of understanding possible so that our students are equipped to be courageous disciples of Christ and “doers of the Word”, both now and in the future.
Delone Catholic’s English Department fosters in each student a deep and wide-ranged critical thinking that complements all disciplines. The faculty members teach a variety of texts, both fiction and nonfiction, allowing students to understand the power of language from its earliest beginnings to the modern day as well as to realize language’s impact on the human condition.
Students are guided through a rigorous writing program that involves structure, content, and citation with a strict emphasis on the proper use of the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) style.
Upon successful completion of the Delone Catholic English curriculum, students will be prepared to enter college, the workforce, or the military with confidence in the ability to think critically and communicate effectively.
The Fine and Performing Arts Department is dedicated to helping students hone their aesthetic, artistic, creative, expressive, and practical skills.
Visual Arts classes help students develop strong critical thinking skills needed for life in the 21st century. A variety of classes are offered to meet the interests and abilities of our students. Ninth-grade students begin the process with Art Appreciation. Introduction to Art, 2D Design, 3D Design, and 3D Design II classes accommodate all levels of ability. Independent Art is a senior honors class for students who have proven their abilities in prior art classes. An Advanced Placement portfolio review may be a consideration for this student.
As stated in the DCHS Music Department Philosophy, music students have the opportunity to develop musically, aesthetically, intellectually, spiritually, personally, socially, and even physically, through a wide variety of music classes and extra-curricular activities. Students who play keyboard, bass, drums, or a traditional band instrument should sign up for Instrumental Music Class (3 or 4 quarters per year.)  Students who enjoy singing should explore Vocal Music Class (full year) or Chorus Class (one semester.)  Advanced music students (juniors and seniors) can study in-depth how music is put together with scales, chords, etc. in Music Theory I and II.  First-year students who do not sign up for Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, or Chorus Class will take one-quarter of Music Exploration Class, so that they, too, will have some music training on the high school level.
Technical Education classes provide students with valuable life and career skills such as woodworking and electronics. Architectural Drawing and Engineering Drafting prepare students for more advanced training as future architects and engineers.   
The Mathematics Department at Delone Catholic is comprised of highly qualified teachers. Their education goes beyond the basic secondary mathematics degree. Every member of the Mathematics Department has earned or is working towards a Masters or Masters Equivalency degree in the fields of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Learning Technology, or Mathematics. The mathematics department is proud that three members are alumni of Delone Catholic.  The Mathematics curriculum offers a variety of courses and levels. We have Fundamental, Academic, Honors and Advanced Placement level courses designed to meet the needs of all learners. Along with the core courses of Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry, we also offer a variety of electives. We currently have courses of Algebra III, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics Honors, Advanced Placement Statistics, Calculus Honors, and Advanced Placement Calculus.
The Practical Arts Department spans a variety of academic areas.  Business and Computer classes prepare the students with marketable skills they will use in the present and future.  Family and Consumer Sciences classes prepare the students with skills needed to be productive in everyday living and working in the 21st century. Health and Physical Education classes prepare the students with activities and strategies for a healthy lifestyle.
The Science Department believes that regardless of the choice – college, military, technical school, or the workplace – our students are prepared for the future. Each science course is centered around a challenging curriculum that not only meets, but exceeds Pennsylvania State and National Standards. All courses cover two semesters with material presented in a sequential manner that allows concept building. The development of the students' critical thinking skills is at the core of the curriculum. All elective, level two (II) courses use college-level texts.  Place-based education is accomplished by using guest speakers and field trips to enhance the curriculum and prepare students to be active participants in their local and global communities. Labs and demonstrations are geared toward hands-on learning. The use of modern technology is exemplified by the Interactive Epson Projectors in each classroom that is used for instruction and student presentations, and the application of lessons using Chromebooks to the classes for which they have been issued.
STEM Opportunities at Delone Catholic
Every Delone Catholic student has many opportunities to explore and solve problems in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Courses offered include Engineering and Drafting, Basic Programming, Web Design, Algebra to Calculus, and a full spectrum of Science classes, all of which include hands on laboratory work. All 9th graders will complete a research paper and an independent research project as part of their Biology class.  Students who want to further explore or compete can choose from the following activities.
  • Environmental Club
  • Science Club,  including teams that compete at Science Olympiad and  robotics competitions.
  • York County Science and Engineering Fair (YCSEF)Note: the required 9th grade project can be used for Science Fair competition.
We want to encourage all students to participate in activities that help them pursue their interests and develop problem-solving skills. 
The Social Studies Department at Delone Catholic High School calls students to “Be Doers of the Word” as active citizens of their communities, their nation and the world, to be aware of their cultural history, and to be enlightened by Catholic social teaching. At Delone Catholic, students develop the skills of decision-makers and problem-solvers, who, through inquiry, investigation and critical analysis become discerning consumers of information. They are inspired to know and appreciate the lessons of the past and to understand present challenges in an effort to influence the future that God has planned for all humanity. 
A highlight of the Social Studies Department is their leadership, every four years, of the Mock Political Convention, a Delone Catholic tradition dating back to 1968.
Delone Catholic High School is also an affiliate school of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.
A two-year program in a modern world language (French, Spanish, or Latin) is strongly recommended. A stipulated grade is necessary to proceed from one level of a foreign language to the next level. An incoming freshman who feels he/she qualifies for Spanish II or French II must take Delone Catholic’s final exam in Spanish I or French I and receive a 93 percent or above to qualify for the second level.
Delone Catholic High School is proud to offer a selection of courses in different disciplines through our partnership with The Virtual High School. These courses can be a fruitful supplement to a student’s coursework. Credit within an academic discipline will only be offered for courses that are at the AP® level. All other courses taken through VHS will be granted only an elective credit. DCHS pays for the fees associated with these courses, unless a student fails or withdraws, in which case the parents of that student are responsible for all costs associated with the course. These courses are only for highly motivated and capable students. Approval to take any VHS course must be granted by the DCHS department chair.
Please contact Mr. John Fournie, Virtual High School Coordinator with any questions.