Mrs. Candy A. Sneeringer '88, P'15, P'17 » Q&A


What is your favorite motto?
Good luck!  Have fun!  Do your best!
Why do you choose to work at Delone Catholic?
Part of the reason that I choose to teach at Delone Catholic is that I am proud that my Grandmother was an alumnus of the first class to graduate from Delone Catholic, followed by both of my parents, then my husband and me, then by both of our sons. For the first 16 years that I taught, at least one relative (niece, nephew, and/or son) was a member of the student body. After one year without a related student, for the past three years, my great-nephew is a student.
Another reason that I choose to teach at Delone Catholic is that I believe in what we teach and foster in the students - not just the content, but the experiences that allow the students to grow in their faith and relationship with God, the work ethic, study habits, expectations, etc.
Finally, it is amazing to spend every day with faculty, staff, students, and families who are dedicated to the school and to each other!

What is your favorite Delone Catholic tradition?
My favorite Delone Catholic tradition is starting each day and each class with prayer.

What inspires you as an educator?
It inspires me when students learn, whether it be that they learn math specifically or a new way to study or why it is important to be kind or how to be organized, or any of the many other things they learn at Delone Catholic.
It inspires me to spend each day with teachers, staff, students, and families who care about the school and each other.

How do your courses prepare students to lead and to serve?
In our mathematics course, we really strive for our students to learn not only math content and facts, but the processes to arrive at answers, and how these processes mirror the critical, methodical thinking that they will often need to use in life. Being able to think through a situation to arrive at an answer/decision will allow our students to be better leaders and servants. We also strive to help our students learn to be prepared. We teach them how to organize, to follow a process to arrive at an answer, and that there are often options for which process to use.

What's the funniest thing that ever happened in your classroom?
This isn't the funniest, but in my opinion, it is the most heartwarming. I begin class by asking if there are any prayer requests.  One of the students responded, "you." I was surprised, so I asked why she wanted to pray for me, and she responded that she wanted to just because we can and because everyone needs our prayers.