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Transfer Tuition Grant

Qualified public or private school students who transfer into 10th, 11th or 12th grade are eligible to receive a Transfer Tuition Grant. The grant will be dispersed in this manner: $2,000 will be deducted from the tuition bill in the first year of attendance, and $1,000 will be deducted from the tuition bill in the second year of attendance.
Students who are accepted for admission to Delone Catholic High School in 10th through 12th grade and thus are transferring from another school in the region are eligible to receive an annual tuition reduction during their first two years of enrollment. The full program guidelines are below:
  1. The Tuition Transfer Grant only applies to students who have not previously been enrolled at Delone Catholic High School and wish to transfer into 10th, 11th or 12th grade from another public or private school or from a homeschool.
  2. Transfer students must be accepted for admission into Delone Catholic HS after submitting a completed admissions application, paying the admissions fee, and completing an interview with school administrator(s).
  3. In the first year of enrollment, families eligible for the Transfer Tuition Grant with receive a $2,000 tuition reduction. No other financial assistance will be available during the first year of the grant.
  4. In the second year of enrollment, families eligible for the Transfer Tuition would receive a $1,000 tuition reduction and may apply for additional financial assistance.
  5. The Transfer Tuition Grant will accrue and be applied to equal monthly payments from the time of enrollment until April 2020 for students who remain enrolled and current with tuition payments. The grant(s) only apply to tuition charges for eligible, currently enrolled students of Delone Catholic High School and are not transferrable nor redeemable in cash.
Please Note: Delone Catholic High School abides by all PIAA policies regarding athletic recruiting and transfers that are motivated by athletic purposes.
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