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Tuition Rates and Payment Plans

Choosing a high school for your adolescent learner is a significant decision.  We believe that Catholic education is one of the most important investments that you can make in your learner’s formative years. With opportunities for vocational training and internships, Advanced Placement® and dual enrollment courses, as well as more than 20 college partnerships providing guaranteed acceptance and merit scholarships based on academic performance, there are significant returns on the investment in Catholic education for students no matter what their future plans might be. 
Our tuition is strategically structured to attract and retain a diverse population so that our community can be as diverse as the education we provide. For ease of use, the following tuition schedules, based upon a family’s membership in a parish church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg and the number of children enrolled at Delone Catholic, are provided. 

2022-23 Tuition Rates

$9,950  for one student
$18,450 for a two-student family*
$26,950 for a three-student family*
*Indicates the number of students in a household enrolled at Delone Catholic

2022-23 Tuition Rates for Parishioners^

$7, 380 for one student 
$11,660 for a two-student family*
$15,940  for a three-student family*
*Indicates the number of students in a household enrolled at Delone Catholic
(^Note: Membership in a parish church of the Diocese of Harrisburg must be verified by the Pastor in order to receive the discounted rate.)

Registration/Other Fees

New Student Registration Fee: $150 
Re-Enrollment Registration Fee: $150 for students entering grades 10 & 11; $200 for students entering grade 12 (includes $50 graduation fee)
Additional costs may include: uniforms, activities fee (if participating), athletics fees (if participating in a sport), and Maryland bus transportation.

Payment Policies and Procedures for 2022-23

All families are required to enroll with our tuition management company, Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) Use school code: 20573, if prompted. Current families are asked to enroll online with the responsible payee’s complete information. If you are enrolling, or you have applied for tuition assistance through STS, use the same log-in information for both tuition and tuition assistance. This is an important part of the enrollment process. Your student’s enrollment is not considered complete without the online enrollment to the STS tuition management plan. 
Payment plans and tuition assistance are available to support your investment. Four payment options are available:
  • One payment plan due July 15, 2022. (There is no fee for this payment option).
  • Ten-Month installment plan starting July 15, with tuition paid in full by April 15, 2023. (There is a $40 fee for this payment option). 
  • Quarterly payment plan with installments due July 15, Oct. 17, 2022 and Jan. 17 and April 15, 2023. (There is a $25 fee for this payment plan).
  • Semi-annual payment plan with installments due July 15, 2022 and Jan. 17, 2023. (There is a $10 fee for this payment plan). 
Please contact the Director of Enrollment and Outreach, Matthew Thomas with any questions.